Baseline water quality assessments are invaluable tools in setting a benchmark for receiving water body quality prior to commencement of works. S5 Environmental’s scientists are skilled in baseline freshwater aquatic assessments of both man-made and natural water bodies to determine ambient water quality parameters ( both physical and chemical ) . Assessment of the localised environmental conditions, flow regimes, catchment dynamics and aquatic flora of the site are also undertaken.

Based upon the outcomes of a baseline assessment, our specialists can develop and implement management strategies to address specific site and water quality issues and impacts and undertake ongoing monitoring and reporting in accordance with management plans/strategies and compliance requirements. This information is often formalised in site Specific Water Quality Monitoring Programs.

S5 Environmental can develop and implement long term water quality sampling, analysis and reporting services based upon specific project needs. These monitoring programs are aimed at proving predicted water quality patterns within man-made lakes or waterways adjacent to construction sites. Representative site selection, scientific rigor and adherence to a set monitoring program is essential for the delivery of transparent and auditable Monitoring Programs. S5 Environmental are highly proficient in the delivery of such programs and the preparation and delivery of technical reports summarising the results and trends associated with the Program results.


  • Baseline and Long Term Water quality Monitoring Programs;
  • Waterway and Catchment Management;
  • Compliance Management – Local, State and Commonwealth Approvals and permitting advice and management.

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