S5 Environmental are stormwater specialists with extensive stormwater management and water sensitive urban design experience. We routinely develop Stormwater Management Plans for the management of stormwater runoff from pre and post development scenarios that are cost and area efficient whilst minimising the risk to the receiving environments.

Utilising industry recognised and approved modelling packages such as MUSIC and XPRafts, our stormwater specialists develop stormwater quality and quantity management solutions that ensure compliance with water quality and detention guidelines and objectives for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Where appropriate, S5 Environmental recommends project specific levels of stormwater management infrastructure including water sensitive urban design and detention structures. This may include one or a range of Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) based on project and Client specific requirements.


  • Stormwater Management Plans – Quality and Quantity;
  • Stormwater Maintenance Plans;
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design; and
  • Stormwater Quality and Detention Modelling.

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