Construction Environmental Management

The potential for poor or inadequate environmental management to inhibit project progress and impact on contractor reputation, is an important and valid concern. Deficiencies in this aspect of construction can impose costly financial burdens through fines or remediation measures.

S5 Environmental have extensive experience and expertise in all phases of construction environmental management including preconstruction, onsite and post construction. We specialise in developing and implementing, practical and effective Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) that satisfy client and regulator expectations.
Effective construction environmental management can provide the following project benefits:

  • Facilitate improved time management, cost and quality control;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Reduce legal risk and potential liabilities;
  • Improve relations with project stakeholders including customers/clients, employees, service providers, shareholders, regulators, financiers and neighbouring land owners;
  • Increase regulator and other stakeholder confidence in the ability of the project team to responsibly manage the project.

S5 Environmental can provide these services as a Value Add to your project team on an agreed weekly/monthly hourly allowance. This can immediately improve the bottom lines as it avoids the need to employ “in-house” environmental staff or encumber existing staff with these roles and responsibilities whilst ensuring ongoing Compliance.

Early engagement of our services within the project schedule ensures early and accurate advice to the Project Delivery team on financial and time costs associated with environmental management measures, so these can be factored into project scheduling. This early engagement also allows for the development of the most cost effective management measures to mitigate or eliminate potential environmental impacts and enhance quality assurance.

Our Construction Environmental Management Services include:

  • Preconstruction Support
  • Tender document preparation
  • Pre-Construction Approvals
  • Regulator engagement
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) development.
  • Construction Support
  • CEMP Compliance and Implementation;
  • Post Construction Support

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